Thank you for visiting the website of AIRISS. Co., Ltd. From AI that protects borders to AI that protects health, we are creating a path for individual
lives to be safe and related industries to grow together.

As much as technology benefits us, it also threatens our safety.
From cross-border drug and gun smuggling to corporate secret leaks, the safety of society and the security of businesses are always at stake.
Ltd. has developed AIXAC, an AI-based X-ray image reading solution that can be used at entrances and exits such as airport bays, to solve these threats in a smart way.
AIXAC automatically detects dangerous goods and helps X-ray readers identify them more accurately.
Notably, it also has the world's first ability to identify drugs.
To provide the best possible X-ray security system, we are also developing the AIXAC-RX, a security X-ray detector combined with an AI reading solution.
By providing customized X-ray screening systems tailored to each agency's security mission, we help protect our lives and safety.


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